Riding Questionnaire

Savannah Horse Trails offers a riding experience of the highest standards. In order for us to mount you on a horse suited to your level of riding ability, and in the interests of safety, please complete the riding questionnaire below honestly, sign and date it and return it prior to arrival by e-mail.

1. Do you own your own horse?

2. If yes, what breed, size and age?

3. How often do you ride?

4. If you do not ride regularly now, did you have lessons when you were a child and did you compete as a child?

5. If you are an experienced rider, how many years have you been riding?

6. What disciplines?

7. Do you have regular lessons?

Yes No

8. Can you post to the trot for 10 minutes at a time?

Yes No

9. Can you canter confidently?

Yes No

10. What is your height?

11. What is your weight?

(Weight limit 85 kilos/187 pounds.)

12. What is your age?

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