The Horses

We are extremely proud of our herd of free-living and happy horses. They are mostly of Boerperd blood, with Boerperd/Arab, Boerperd/Warmblood and Boerperd/TB crosses of between 14.2 and 16.2 hands. The Boerperd is an indigenous South African breed, well-adapted to living in the bush and renowned for its versatility, sure-footedness, kindness and willingness to please. Many of the horses are home-bred.

The horses are schooled in a classical dressage style at least twice a week and are a pleasure to ride - supple and responsive to the aids. Most are ridden in loose-ring French snaffles, KKs or Myler bits. When riding out, we allow a free rein in order for the horses to see their footing well and alert us to any wildlife in the area.

We use deep-seated Leon Liversage Trail Rider saddles for the comfort of both horse and rider. Water bottles are provided on each saddle and saddlebags on request. Tack is kept in excellent condition.

Although the horses live as nature intended, freely grazing on 1000 hectares as a natural herd, detailed attention is paid to their daily feeding and grooming, their hooves, their teeth and their general health and care. Depending on the season and the work they are doing, the horses receive a balanced hard feed once or twice a day, supplemented by lucerne in the winter months.

It is a wonderful experience to see the herd playing and swimming in the dams on the reserve, interacting with each other and with the wildlife.

We occasionally take volunteers for 2 to 3 months to assist with both horse and conservation work. If you are interested, please contact us with your CV which should include details of your riding experience.